About Us

Who we are

We are professional human relationships facilitators working  to share the love and vision of the enlightened mystic  Osho, and the learnings we have acquired in our group and therapy work, for the benefit of our spiritual community, our professional clients, and ultimately for the benefit of  all sentient beings.


Our philosophy

We do not live alone. We live interdependently.
This interdependence creates relationships and these relationships can be the source of both pain and joy - they are often a source of frustration and limitation, but they are also the doorway to our unmet potential and our natural expansion. Relationships provide us the opportunity to learn about ourselves, and an alive place to cultivate our spiritual growth.
Our journey and challenge, be that spiritual or professional is how to live consciously and effectively in the context of this recogntion.

The fundamental work of ISLAC

From the purity and essence of our original birth, we acquire a conditioning which we unconsciously accommodate. This conditioning disconnects us from our true nature. When we are disconnected from our true nature in this way, we cannot connect with others in an authentic, intimate and trusting way.

Our relationships then become disturbed, confusing, and unclear. The deeper we go into love, intimacy, mutual caring, and trust, the more this disconnection becomes apparent and typically, the more problems this disconnection causes. This disconnection initially manifests directly in our intimate and loving relationships, but then indirectly also, extending into other environments, including our creative and professional domains. 

The work of ISLAC, the International School for Love and Connection is to bring light to these mechanisms which disconnect us, and by recognizing then and addressing them, to reconnect us with ourselves, our beloveds, our families, and our broader world of relationships, including our professional work environment, thereby assisting our clients and their loved ones to return to the natural flow, enjoyment, creativity and pleasure which healthy relationships bring us,


Our primary influence is the enlightened master, and spiritual revolutionary, Osho.

Osho was a revolutionary for many reasons, not the least being that Osho turned upside down the traditional idea that relationships are a disturbance to one’s spiritual journey. 

In Osho’s vision, it is in fact, quite the opposite - the spiritual journey can not only include others, but in fact, everything moves faster, when it does.

This is because in relationships, you have to understand and deal with the other, or, expressed more accurately, you have to understand and deal with the effect the other has upon you, and in that process, you have to understand and deal with yourself. 

Osho was such a spiritual revolutionary that he “modernized “ the triple jewel of Buddhism, from sila ( right practice”), samadhi (enlightenment) and sangha (community/relationships), to “sila, sangha, samadhi” ( right practice, relationships, enlightenment), thus giving recognition and pecedence to relationships, as a precursor to, and incubator for spiritual growth.

This is Osho’s gift to us - We grow from being together.


We are deeply influenced by Vasumati, in particular in regards to the understandings which have arisen from Vasumati’s questions to Osho about relationships, and the insights which have arisen from Vasumati’s extensive work in relationships and couples therapy, as described in her chapter on couples therapy in the recently [2015] published book “ Osho Therapy”

We are also influenced by many others.

In particular we are influenced by family constellation work of Burt Heller and Svagito Lieberman, the learning love work of Krishnanada and Amana Trobe , and the path of love work of Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover

We are also influenced by the insight’s of the Australian mystic, Barry Long, attachment theory, emotional focused therapy etc. There are many others, too many to further list individually.

Our individual websites give homage to the lineages to which we belong, which are both specific to our individual paths. Ultimately however they are connected. As all methods lead to methodlessness, each path is just a different doorway into the same house of truth.

Our Organisation

ISLAC, the International School for Love and Connection is a not-for-profit organisation.

As an entity, the sole purpose of the ISLAC is to provide information and access to the professional services of its group facilitators and therapists, who share the source of their inspiration, their passion for this work, their independent success in their chosen professional fields, and the internationality of their work.

In all other respects, our facilitators and therapists are individuals in their own right.

None of our associates receive any direct payments from ISLAC, nor does ISLAC receive any payment from its associates.

In simple terms, ISLAC is for our clients, an information resource which directs those looking for insights and healing of their relationships, to the professional services of our associates, providing at the same time online access to their programs and availabilities.


The International School for Love and Connection